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 WS-Z5000B Connects RS485 MODBUS by WIRELESS




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Want to make your RS485 connection wireless?
& save wiring cost?
Don't want to make holes on walls?
Over 5000 units/mo in production, for electrical power meters and other rs485 eqpt.

multi-hop self-forming RS485 network
Dimensions 55 x 75 x 20 mm










Retrofit point-to-multipoint RS485 equipment from wired to wireless. [=>Click for Video demo]

No need to change the existing wired RS485 equipment: the wireless unit can be  configured to fit to existing wired system packet parameters. The unit is transparent to your present equipment.

Communication range about 100m, but it will mutihop to multiply the range automatically. (Line of sight max 800m between each node.)

Automatically finds the best multihopping route to desination address: self-forming, self-healing wireless network.. It is absolutely not a mere repeater. It is an antonomously networking wireless device.

Communication status LED lets you know the wireless connection status  all the time.

Easy connection: just insert the wires to terminals.

Switch selectable ID and Channels are always visible.

Wireless and wired system can be mixed to avoid radio obstacles.

Renowned wireless mesh network of MEMSIC, in collaboration with Sumitomo Precision Products: made in Japan. Already in use with RS485 instruments such as of Omron, Panasonic... etc.

 Replaces wired RS485 to wireless transparently for daisy chain, 1 to 1, 1 to N, ModBus RTU/ASCII.
Simple 1:N
Simple 1:N configuration
Connecting several RS485 equipment to each node
1:N (Several 485s to each node)
Our unique radiation barrier buster bridge
1:N (Several 485s to ea node + bridging)
Radio:2.4GHz (IEEE 802.15.4), 10mW, 15 channels physically switchable,  ID: 00 to 99
baudrate 2.4 to 115.2kbps, Equipment max packet 256bytes*, Power5Vdc (100mA) or AC adopter
 Upto 100 equipment per network. (dependent on traffic)
  Select different radio channel or Group ID to run several networks in the same area.
 Config tool

- Comm 2.4 to 115.2k, Databit 7/8, Parity no/odd/even,  Stopbit 1/2
- Protocol: Packet structure, address (offset, length, etc)
- Binding (2 to 13 groups)
 Config tool screen
 ID Selection
- Terminal ID: Two rotary switches
- Radio channel selection: Rotary switch 15 channels
- Group ID: Rotary switch 16 groups
Simple insertion to a terminal block
Left to right:
  1) Power, 2) GND, 3-4-5) Not Used,  6) Signal GND, 7) RS485+ , 8) RS485-
 AC adopter MP-B32 / Configuration tool software MP-D12(ver.2) / Mounting magnet set MP-P14 /
 Network checker (radio strength) WM-Z2200-XM and the software EasyManager MP-D11
 How to
  Industrial B2B only. Please send us email by inquiry form with your projected quantity.
  Price discounts above 10, 30, 50, 100 pcs.
* Wired packet criteria:
     1) Has start-code and end-code, and neither is "7e" ("7e" is used by WS-Z5000B). OR
     2) Has a silent interval (min 4 chars) to identify end of packet,
     3) Max 256 bytes. Read manual for detailed conditions.
Note: WS-Z5000B is not compatible with WS-Z5000A and MP-D12(ver 1.0).

Compatibility examples: Omron power meters KM20, KM50, CHINO HN-CH, WAGO Modbus

Example of
Config tool setting:
packet format

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